Thursday, January 1, 2009

My friend Sara

It's because of Sara that I have this blog. I told her I'd screw it up if I tried, and she said it's SOOO easy. But I managed to mess it up anyway. But she helped me and I think I'm up and running now.
She and I have been friends for a long time--We were just moms when we met (as if there is such a thing as "just a mom," and now we're both grandmas. And for sure there's no such thing as "just" a grandmama! We are special people who provide hugs and toys and cool stuff to wonderful, beautiful kids. And don't go calling us old--we're just seasoned and salty.
Sara and I love words and writing and poetry. She'd probably listen to Bonnie Raitt and I'd probably choose Etta James, but that's cool. We used to do emails every single day. We've shared a lot over the years, some good stuff, and some terribly awful stuff as well. If I have a really big problem, I call Sara first. And she calls me. And somehow it's all better.
Sara has the coolest blog. She's got photos and wonderfully deep commentary on everything from schools to travel to raspberries. Check her out while I figure out how to navigate this new ship.
Bon Voyage!


  1. I was cleaning my office today and found a copy of a letter I wrote to you in April of 1994 asking if you got the brochure about the poetry festival in Asheville. Pre-email. So, here's my question: How many diets have we been on in the last 15 years? Welcome to blog world -- there ain't been a ship made that you can't navigate!

  2. Sara is a cool person. :) But so are you Sharon! I'd hate to have to play either of you in a game of scrabble.

  3. I'm so excited to have found that you have a blog. I have two groups reading Tears of a Tiger in my 7th grade language arts classes. This book is so timely right now in our community as a young lady know to many of my students just fell victim to a terrible DUI accident.

    I'm so glad Sara got you started blogging. I had the privilege of meeting her this past summer at the Walloon Institute with Smokey Daniels. She's an absolute blast!

    My students will likely be dropping in to blog with you too!