Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love these kids! Emails from wonderful students.

Hey Miss Draper:
Well I just finished your magnificent book The Battle Of Jericho. It was wicked book. I loved it but it was really sad (I cried ).

Dear Mrs. Draper,
I have a question. You look really nice on your website, and you look like a nice lady. How in the world do you think up all this horrible stuff that happens in your books? You don't look like somebody who would write that stuff.

Dear Sharon,
My teacher told us to write to celebrities or movie stars or authors. I figured a celebrity would not answer my letter, so I chose you instead.

Dear Ms. Draper. I'm 12. I read your book Tears of a Tiger and I thought it was ok, but not great. But it did make me think about drinking and driving and stuff. But last week I was at a party and the kid who was supposed to drive me home had been drinking. I called my mom to pick me up. She yelled at me, but only a little because she said I made the right decision. Later that night my friend got killed in her car. You saved my life and I didn't even like your book. So thank you Mrs. Draper.

hi ms. draper i just wanted to know what the setting and the plot is because my report is due tomorrow and im going into seventh grade and i don't wanna start off badly at school!!!! oh and the book is wonderful!!!


  1. Hello Mrs. Draper, my name is Matthew Booth and i am a freshman in highschool. I would just like to say that reading your mezmerizing novels gave me elightenment on my own grizly past. I gave you two thumbs and two toe thumbs up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey im Carmen Salas.
    im a freshmen in highschool, i really like the sotry you wrotte the SHARONM.DRAPER i love that story everytime i had to stop reading for the day i wouldnt pay much attention to them i still kept reading it never stoping... your book made me love to read i never really read but WOW that book did thanks alot. [: i love that book it really catched my attention... im really looking foward to read more of those amazing books of yours

  3. UHHHHHHH........what????