Monday, January 12, 2009

More great letters!

Dear miss draper
Hi, Ms. Draper i just wanted to say that tears of a tiger was a great book, and that you should make it a movie. if you actually decide to make it a movie can i be in it?

Dear Ms D,
Can you get me a hook up with Keisha on the cover of Darkness before Dawn please?

hey my name is Lisa and your book "forged by fire" is awsome. my life was similar and i cry when i read it.

Hi. Mrs. Draper you are my favorite writer. I have never read a book that amounted to the suspense i had when reading one of your books. Anyway I am writing to let know that there should be more English teachers like you and then it would be more interesting. Also, i should let you know that i am upset that I am finished with all the books you have written so please write another one real fast.


  1. Crazy Book liker H.lSeptember 27, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    Dear Mrs. Draper
    im that Talkative girl that kept asking questions at water mark book store in Kansas love your books and Romiette and Julio its my 2 favorite my first is Out of My Mind

  2. I love out of my mind it made me fell like the book is showing me what is happening