Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School! Read, Read, Read! And Enjoy the Process!

Salute to Librarians and Teachers--The Reader's Rap! It's back to school and back to reading.
Thanks for all you do to celebrate books, and to spread the magic and beauty of language.
The name of the poem is Reader's Rap, and you can find it in Book 6 of the Ziggy series. It's called Stars and Sparks On Stage.
The music is done by my friend Annie Ruth--visual artist, poet, musician, and creator of a magic all her own.

Have a wonderful school year!


  1. I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting as well as very informative, i was need such type information, which you have submitted. I really thankful to you, this posting help a huge number of people. Great ... Keep it up!

  2. How great! I'd like to tell you how you're helping students read AND enjoy the process through our online mentoring program. This year we took on a 10th grade class in Springfield, MA filled with students who read at least three levels behind where they should be. Most of these students told us that they hate reading in September. It is now January and most have them have read more than five books each, more than they've read in years past!! The absolute favorites in the classroom are your Tears of a Tiger, Forged by Fire, and November Blues. You have really made a difference in their lives, and Reader To Reader truly appreciates all that you do!

  3. LOVE the video....where and I get the music and lyrics so that I can make a video with my 4th Graders. Paula