Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introducing . . . SASSY! . . . . Click on the link below.

A Year of Reading: New Series by Sharon Draper


  1. Love your blog! Glad to know about it. Can't wait for Sassy to be released!

  2. Hey Sharon M Draper, i really don't know if you'll ever see this message because i know your a really busy writer. I just really want you to know that you are truly the best writer i've ever read. I read tears of a tiger, and that book actually made me cry as it came to a closing. You have a way with words and i know how hard it must be to write it. We'll your definately my favourite author, i'm going to write a blog about you, because i admire you. I also want to know how you got your career on the road? .. i'm currently writing a book, and i don't know who to talk to , please get back to me., thank you so much.